SuperStream Employer Checklist

Employer checklist: a step-by-step guide


Small employers (19 or fewer employees) must meet the SuperStream deadline. The deadline for small businesses to be using SuperStream was 30 June 2016. However, the ATO will provide compliance flexibility until 28 October 2016 for businesses that are not yet SuperStream ready.

To be SuperStream ready here's what you need to do:

MYOB In Tray

Working with Tray documents

*Not available in AccountRight Basics*

When suppliers email you their invoices, store them securely online and link them to your AccountRight bills using the In Tray. Once they’re in, AccountRight will use advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify key information in each document, speeding up transaction entry by filling in what it can for you.

Increase in the Preservation age restricts access to Superannuation

Increase in the Preservation age restricts access to Superannuation

The meaning of an individual’s preservation age is set out in the SIS Reg 6.01(2), and varies according to the member’s date of birth.

From July 2015, the previously legislated rise in the preservation age (which has traditionally been 55 years of age) has come into effect.

This means that for individuals born prior to 1 July 1960, their preservation age remains 55, however the preservation age for clients born on or after this date will gradually scale up to 60 years of age as follows:

Maximise Tax Deductible Expenses

Maximise Tax Deductible Expenses

Getting ready for SuperStream

What is SuperStream?

SuperStream is a government reform aimed at improving the efficiency of the superannuation system.

Superstream is coming

Changes for business owners

From 1st July 2014, employers with more than 20 employees are required to provide timely information about superannuation contributions they have made.

Super Contribution Caps for 2015

Make the most of your super caps

Even with the proposed law change to raise the retirement age, more than half of Australians think they won’t have enough super by the time they retire. Adding extra to your super nest egg will not only benefit your future, but may offer you some attractive tax benefits now.

MYOB PayDirect Reader

Take card payments on your Smartphone with MYOB PayDirect.

Get paid on the spot anywhere, anytime

Accepts 'chip and PIN', and 'swipe and PIN' cards. EFTPOS coming soon

Connects to compatible smartphones via embedded Bluetooth® Technology

Works with most iOS and Android smartphones.

Made from sturdy stuff. It's more than up to travelling out on the road with you.

MYOB Account Right Live

Are you currently using MYOB? Do you want to save time & money and just want it to be simple????

Then MYOB Live is perfect for you!

On the is Australia’s only real estate website that combines historical property data and Guesstimate values with what’s now on the market to buy or rent.

Net medical expenses tax offet phase out

Net medical expenses are your total eligible medical expenses less refunds from Medicare and private health insurers which you, or someone else, received or are entitled to receive.

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