Take card payments on your Smartphone with MYOB PayDirect.

Get paid on the spot anywhere, anytime

Accepts 'chip and PIN', and 'swipe and PIN' cards. EFTPOS coming soon

Connects to compatible smartphones via embedded Bluetooth® Technology

Works with most iOS and Android smartphones.

Made from sturdy stuff. It's more than up to travelling out on the road with you.

How it Works?

1. Connect and sign in

Connect the Reader to your phone using Bluetooth® and sign in to the PayDirect app.

2. Transact

Enter the transaction on your phone, then the customer inserts their card and enters their PIN.

3. Get paid

Email or SMS a receipt to your customer. The money will be in your nominated account in a day or two.

And if you have an MYOB Essentials or AccountRight subscription*, your accounts are automatically updated. So by getting paid, you're also doing the books!

For any further MYOB queries on the above please do not hesitate to contact our office so we can find the best product that will suit your specific needs.

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