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myGov - What you need to do

Did You Know???

If you have a myGov account it’s likely you will now receive critical ATO correspondence, irrespective of whether you requested to or not.


What you need to do

With the myGov portal being a wonderful initiative for keeping Australians in control of their personal information, it has come to our attention that this new digitised process means Messenger Murray Picello will likely miss out on receiving critical documentation that allows us to actively handle your affairs in a timely manner.

If you have set up a myGov account you will now receive the following correspondence directly, irrespective of whether you requested to or not:

  •  Notice of Assessment
  •  Statements of Account for Income Tax
  •  Payment Arrangement letters
  •  Payment or Lodgment reminders
  •  Letters about PAYG instalments
  •  Letters about super contributions from employers
  •  Referral warning letters
  • Tax receipts

If you do receive direct correspondence into your myGov account, please forward it to our office so that we can as usual address in a timely manner on your behalf.

*Our advice and preference as your Tax Agent is that you DO NOT select the option that allows correspondence to go to the myGov inbox*